Meet Devora

Devora is a Transitional Life Strategist and the Founder of Red Tent Coaching specializing in the areas of Career, Parenting, Divorce, Education, and End-of-Life care. 

The Red Tent is a reference to the ancient tradition of women gathering to support women in her moment of transition to becoming a woman, a mother, and being honored in her wisdom.

Since earning her Masters in Education in 1997, Devora has worked in various organizations as a doula (birth attendant), family educator, personal coach, event planner, hospice caregiver and other service-oriented positions.

What customers are saying


Over the past year and a half, I have moved through a great transitional period in my life that included both a transatlantic move with three young kids and a separation from my husband of 16 years. Devora's coaching and support throughout the process has not only been a great comfort, but it got me to take on decision-making in a whole new, empowered way. Devora is nurturing, open-hearted, a careful listener, and a keen observer. The combination of all those qualities, I think, makes her such a good fit for supporting people through challenging transitions.

Jen Sonstein Maidenberg, Writer, Israel / New Jersey