You just found out that your spouse betrayed you...

You want to start a new business or career...

Your kids are driving you crazy...

You've been diagnosed with a terminal or chronic illness...

You need to move / earn more/ get healthy...

Where can you go for direction, clarity, inspiration & peace of mind?

The Red Tent

What we offer

With over 20 years of experience as an innovative life strategist coaching people through parenting, divorce, education, illness, job loss or career change, RTC specializes in helping you achieve clarity and action when you are overwhelmed or at a loss in your life circumstance.

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With proven methodologies you will discover your needs, values, aspirations and determine your objectives. From there we will create an action plan with achievable steps that will produce rapid results. 1 - 3 hr Session

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Goal setting

With a weekly commitment and regular contact, I will be with you as a compassionate accountability partner to assist you in fulfilling your  long and short-term goals. Optional plans available to select from.

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Individual coaching and Strategic Planning 

Full-service coaching and strategic planning services includes coaching and administrative support to assist you in reaching your goals. Optional plans available to select from.

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What Customers Are Saying

Peace of Mind

I got diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor 5 months ago. I was not scared to die but I panicked knowing that I would be leaving my 2 young children, both of whom have special needs and a husband that works long hours. I needed a plan. Devora guided me thoughtfully and firmly through the process of putting my affairs in order and honing in on what I wanted my legacy to be for my children. With Devora's encouragement, I have been able to write birthday cards for each child until they are 18, purchase meaningful life-cycle gifts for each of them to receive when the time comes, record stories about their birth, my parents' lives, and advice that I want to pass on. With Devora's amazing organizational skills, I now have letters to my children from many of my friends and colleagues about me so my children will get to know me as they grow older. I write this now knowing I only have a few weeks to live but because of Devora, I have peace of mind.

Dr. Shannon Snyder (12/4/70 - 1/11/18), Nashville, TN